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SRS - Hockey Stick Repair

SRS - Hockey Stick Repair

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SRS - Shaft Repair System.  

At Paradise Hockey Stick Repair, we use a carbon fiber AirCore™ and Shaft-Lock™ Technology - a process used to prepare the interior wall of the shaft and "lock" the repair in place. 

The AirCore™ is comprised of 2 layers of carbon fiber surrounding a foam center, which allows the AirCore™ to conform to junior, intermediate, and senior shafts.

Being concealed internally, Our repaired composite shaft repairs minimize visual disturbance and preserve the external shaft profile.

In other words, they look and feel great. The repaired stick retains the original flex, and the repair adds less than 10 grams of weight, which is virtually unnoticeable.  

*This is a local in-shop service.  The repair will take 5-7 days, due to curing time.  



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