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LS5G Vertexx Edge Goalie Runners - Size 7

LS5G Vertexx Edge Goalie Runners - Size 7

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Bauer Senior LS5G Vertexx Edge 3mm Goalie Carbon Steel Runner - Size 7

Dig into that ice and defend every corner, no matter how many rushes or dekes come your way. These 3mm runners fit your skates firmly and are compatible with all Supreme and Vapor goal skate models. And thanks to their new carbon coating, they’re +4mm taller than LS3G, giving you a competitive edge.

Replacement steel for Vertexx Edge holders on Bauer Supreme and Vapor Goal Skates. Check and confirm your skates holder prior to purchase  


  • Sold in a pair
  • 3mm Wide steel
  • Carbon Coating
  • +4mm taller than LS3G
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