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Landish Adaptogenic Greens 180g

Landish Adaptogenic Greens 180g

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Elevate your wellness routine with the power of Adaptogenic Greens. 

When you’re feeling lethargic or undernourished, or simply want to elevate your daily wellness routine to feel your best, this is the product you want to have on hand.

Each scoop is packed with Canadian-grown organic leafy greens, boosted with the world’s finest spirulina, functional roots and mushroom fruiting body extracts.

The result is a phytonutrient and antioxidant-dense powerhouse of benefits for energy, digestion, mood and overall wellness.

Why Landish?
When it comes to greens blends, there is no shortage of products out there, each trying to one-up each other on the number of ingredients they contain. 50 this, 100 that. What’s the problem? Not knowing the true quality of the ingredients.

While valuing diversity of nutrients and benefits, we like to keep our blends as simple as possible to ensure that each ingredient meets our high quality and really picky sourcing standards. A big part of that is working with Canadian growers committed to developing innovative, regenerative agriculture right here at home!

Vegan and paleo-friendly, with no artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners—obviously!

→ 30 servings

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