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2 pack of Mammoth Super 7 Collagen - 350g

2 pack of Mammoth Super 7 Collagen - 350g

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2 pack (2 x 320g tubs). Double up and Save $$

Mammoth Super 7 Collagen contains 10g of the well-researched Grass Fed Bovine & Marine sourced Collagen types I & III.

With its unique 7 ingredients, Mammoth Super 7 Collagen sets itself apart. Mammoth Super 7 Collagen is a dual-sourced Collagen product with SEVEN additional ingredients providing the maximum benefits of added immunity, pain relief, muscle recovery, healthy hair, skin & nails, protein, and a significant dose of antioxidants.
Mammoth Super 7 Collagen has been Formulated Specifically for SPORT, with Athletes in mind.

Research focuses on types I-III collagen when it comes to Active Living and Athletics. Mammoth Super 7 Collagen provides structure and acts like glue for tendons, muscles, ligaments & blood vessels.

Mammoth Super 7 Collagen is crucial for injury prevention, soft tissue repair, and relief of joint pain.

“The most comprehensive all-in-one collagen formula on the market!”

Super 7 Ingredients:

1. Hyaluronic Acid | 120 mg.
Hyaluronic acid is moisturizing for the skin and lubricating for the joints.
Collagen and hyaluronic acid work together to help reduce joint pain and
promote recovery post-workout!

2. Tryptophan | 220 mg.
Collagen is an incomplete protein without the essential amino acid Tryptophan.
No worries - We have added 220 mg of Tryptophan to make Mammoth Super7
Collagen is a complete source of essential amino acids!

3. Vitamin C | 250 mg.
Fortified with 250 mg of Vitamin C which helps support a healthy immune
system and is required to form cartilage, muscle, and collagen.

4. Elderberry | 50 mg.
Rich in antioxidants and magnesium, elderberry can enhance physical
performance and shorten recovery time, in addition to combatting cell damage.

5. Zinc | 1 mg.
Enables your body to produce muscle-building hormones & supports a healthy immune system.

6. Biotin | 10 mg.
Provides an important source for creating energy and aiding stamina, in
addition to promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails.

7. CoQ10 | 30 mg.
Helps reduce inflammation associated with heavy exercise, speeds
recovery, and protects from free radical damage.

7 Reasons Why - SUPER7 COLLAGEN:

1. Biotin metabolizes macronutrients to increase stamina and energy levels. Biotin also
plays a major part in maintaining the health of our hair, nails and skin.

2. Mammoth SUPER7 has undoubtedly the highest dose of Vitamin C on the market. This
is important because Vitamin C is essential for collagen absorption.

3. Tryptophan makes SUPER7 a Complete Protein: That means each serving provides 10 grams of protein!

4. Hyaluronic Acid helps to hold the natural water in the body and keeps our skin, eyes, and joints hydrated.

5. Zinc speeds up muscle-building chemical reactions in your body!

6. Zinc along with CoQ10 & Elderberry are proven antioxidants that protect our bodies from inflammation, muscle fatigue & muscle loss.

7. Product Quality Assured: “iNutrition is committed to product quality. Finished
product testing is conducted in-house and verified by a third-party analytical



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