Mammoth Meal - Banana Nut Bread 2.2lbs

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Mammoth MEAL uses a blend of only the most premium whole food ingredients including a precisely engineered protein blend Tri-Pro, organic sourced carbohydrates (C.A.R.B) and healthy full spectrum fats. We have infused Mammoth MEAL with a powerful fruit & greens nutrient complex so that each serving is full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

Mammoth MEAL is rounded out with high quality, food sourced, nutritional elements including; Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s), Greek Yogurt, Coconut Water & Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Electrolytes. All of these carefully selected world class ingredients are combined to bring you the finest and most complete ALL-IN-ONE Nutritional Shake.


  • Real whole food organic carbs and healthy fats
  • High quality Tri-Pro Protein blend
  • 10g - 40g of protein per serving