Gaspari Myofusion 4lbs - Vanilla

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Advanced Protein Blend

25 Grams of the highest quality Whey & Casein

Protein Blend For Time Released Amino Acid  Dispersion

Decadent Desert Style Flavoring

No Amino Spiking Guaranteed


Gaspari has made a time-released Amino Acid dispersion blend to deliver 25g of the best quality Whey and Casein, with flavors that actually taste like dessert!  Specifically formulated to be not only the most delicious lean protein powder available but also the most effective.  If you want to increase your lean muscle tissue and spark new fat loss, the most effective way to do so, is to increase how much protein you ingest each day. Myofusion Advanced Protein provides you with a clinically validated blend of the 5 most effective protein sources known to man.